About Us

Ahh…the “About US” page…

Well most catteries will start with, “we are a small cattery blablabla…” So yeah, I’m not going to start with that. But let me tell you the story of why me and my husband are now so in love with cats, Maine Coon’s in particular.

The story begins when we were newly weds, sometime at the end of 2006. My husband said, he wanted to give me a cat as an wedding gift. So there we were a few days later, in a petshop, adopting our first ever cat. It was a red tabby girl with a fun purrsonality. So in the following year, we learn more about cats, and found out that there were many breeds of cats with different traits and personality. Thinking of having a purebred cat did cross our minds, but that was just a mild wish in both of our hearts.

Around 2008, we went to a cat show to see some of the breeds that were already in Indonesia. We some beautiful Houe Hold Pets, we saw some gorgeous Persians, we saw the very noticeable Sphynx and then we saw a very graceful looking cat, sitting in her benching cage, looking as if she owns the entire show…it was a Maine Coon.

We instantly fell in love…we looked at each other and knew, this was the purebred that we want.

To cut the story short, we managed to get our first Maine Coon male from a reputable Indonesian Maine Coon Cattery in 2009 and the following year, we got our first Maine Coon female from a well known Maine Coon Cattery in Japan. Then it was down to the breeding program…

After having several boys and girls for our foundation, we now can proudly say that we are very happy with what those years of learning has result with. We were the first to have a One-Show Grand Champion Maine Coon (and he was an Indonesian bred!), we were the first Maine Coon Cattery that earns a DW Title in the CFA-International Division under our own prefix! Also numerous cats from our own prefix that earns Grand Champions and Grand Premiership titles as well as Grand points.

a pile of rosettes that we haven’t organized, LOL


our first DW cat on our own prefix back in 2015


one of our achievemnts in the CFA ID Award Banquet in Bali


this was a surprise, my own achievement, getting the CFA-ID Star Award 2017

So now, here we are, breathing the fresh air of Bandung, presenting you all with our Maine Coons 🙂